Author: Akash Thakur MSVA

Akash Thakur MSVA born in a small village of District Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, is an Indian Actor, Music Video Director and motivational rapper. He is the founder of Humanity-A Vision. Akash Thakur MSVA born on 15th February,1999 is humanitarian par excellence. He has taken audiences by storm because of his motivational persona and exhilarating rap songs. Akash Thakur MSVA is propelled by the desire to spread humanity and hope. Having reached various milestones in a very short span of starting the process of bringing a positive change with his verses. He has released some mind-boggling videos on YouTube with lyrics that have a deep connection with the current scenario of our country. Akash Thakur MSVA'S raps are followed by the lovers of humanity who are overwhelmed by his inspiring content that is not vulgar but eye-opening.